Behavioural Economics Explained

Mensa Canada member Rony Gao summarizes the evolution of behavioural economics and elaborates on two common patterns in irrational behaviour.

New Orleans – R&R for Your Brain

Bob Dylan once said, “Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.” He might have been right. Mensan Heather Simmons picks the best hidden food, drink, and music spots from her 25 trips to the Crescent City.

Legal System vs. Justice System

Just because you are a decent person and are telling the truth doesn’t mean you’ll win. Lawyer and Mensan Lynne Butler breaks down the difference between a justice system and a legal system.

Taking AI Out of the Black Box

Artificial intelligence can seem like science fiction. But at its heart, it is about making predictions. Learn how it is being used today for pragmatic applications such as optimizing marketing promotions and decreasing customer churn.

Better Options for Senior Care

Mensan Blair Roblin discusses the growing demand for home care, lengthening wait lists, the private-pay sector and gaps in equity of senior care access.

Learning to Teach or Teaching to Learn?

You know you’ve really learned something when you can teach it. Lynne Butler explains how she used 33 years of experience to teach a young man how to be a lawyer.