Mensan Weighs in on Controversy

Last fall, Mensan Raj Krishnan weighed in on the 2019 Federal election and the impact of Justin Trudeau’s brownface controversy. In the second video, you can learn how he ultimately voted and his thoughtful rationale. Watch below:          

The Internet is 50 – Now What?

Mensan Heather Simmons celebrates the internet’s 50th birthday and explains why privacy policy, not technology, will and should dominate the next 5-7 years of its development. 

Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence?

Mensan Heather Simmons explains why intelligible AI is so crucial – and develops a framework to help policy-makers and business leaders make it happen.

More Than A Walk in the Park

How Mensan Louise O’Neill turned a walk in the park into over 5 years of connection to the local community and arts and science organizations.

What’s Next in Student Privacy

Mensan Heather Simmons discusses student privacy policies, and explains why the most important implication of K-12 tech has nothing to do with policy.

Common Sense Student Privacy

Privacy matters, but it is just a place to start. Technology changes the relationship between teacher and student, which is where the real work lies.